Greek Salad

Ingredients:  200 gm Iceberg 2 Tomatoes 1 Yellow Capsicum 1 Green Capsicum 1 Red Capsicum 1 Cucumber  1 Onion  25 gm Paneer Cheese 3 tablespoons Olive Oil 2 tablespoons Lemon Juice Salt (As Needed) 1 tbsp Parsley 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper Powder 1 teaspoon Oregano Preparation: In a bowl, add iceberg, tomato, yellow capsicum, green capsicum, red capsicum, cucumber, onion, paneer cheese and mix it. In a pan, add and

Green Salads

Increase the green in your food to boost the health  Lettuce Paneer Salad In Sesame Dressing Ingredients:  For Sesame Dressing: Olive oil – 30 milliliters Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons Onions – 30 grams Salt – 3/4 teaspoon Sesame seeds – 2 tablespoons Garlic – 1 teaspoon For Paneer Salad: Paneer – 500 grams Garlic – 1 teaspoon Salt – 1 teaspoon Black pepper – 1 teaspoon Olive oil –

Weight Loss Tips

Benefit of Weight Loss Here are just a few, but important, weight loss benefits for you. Control Your Diabetes Prevent, treat, and, in some cases, resolve Type 2 diabetes. Complications associated with diabetes like blindness, limb amputation, kidney disease, and stroke risk decrease or can be controlled by losing weight. Manage Your Risk for Heart Disease Lower your cholesterol and high blood pressure, and control diabetes (if you have it) by

Wholesome Khichri

Khichri is best for ill people. It is easy to make and wholesome to get energy  Wholesome Khichri Ingredients:  Mung beans – 170 grams Rice – 170 grams Water – for washing Water – 1550 milliliters, divided Turmeric – 1/4 teaspoon Salt – 1/2 teaspoon Ghee – 25 milliliters Cloves – 1/4 teaspoon Black peppercorns – 6 Bay leaf – 1 Cumin – 1 teaspoon Asafoetida – 1/4 teaspoon Carrots

Spinach Tahini Wrap

Different forms of wraps are available now-a-days. Try the spinach tahini wrap Spinach Tahini Wraps Ingredients: For Red Chili Garlic Paste: Kashmiri red chili – 15 grams Water – 100 milliliters Garlic cloves – 4 Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon Water – 30 milliliters Salt – 1 teaspoon For Tahini Paste: Roasted sesame seeds – 70 grams Roasted split bengal gram – 25 grams Vinegar – 1 tablespoon Curd –

Salads and Dressings

The more, the merrier. Dressings add taste to the dish. Have these dressings recipe and make salad delicious for children to eat Russian Salad Ingredients:  Mayonnaise ½ Cup Cream ½ Cup Vinegar 1 tablespoon Caster sugar 2 tablespoons Black pepper crushed ½ teaspoon Salt 1/4 teaspoon or to taste Peas boiled ½ Cup Carrot boiled & cubes ½ Cup Corn kernels boiled 1/4 Cup Macaroni boiled 1 Cup Potato boiled

Lemon Ginger Iced Tea

Lemon ginger iced tea have two benefits. One is it help in hot season and the second is it detox the liver and help you remain fit Lemon Ginger Iced Tea Ingredients: Lemon ginger syrup: 1 cup Water 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup Honey 1/3 cup Ginger (peeled & sliced) 3/4 cup Lemon juice 2 Lemon peel Iced green tea: 3 cups Water 3-4 Green tea bags Preparation: In a

Fennel Seed Sherbat

The best way to beat the heat. Make this cool and refreshing fennel seed sharbat to keep yourself cool Fennel Seed Sherbat Ingredients: Fennel seeds 1 Cup Water 1 Cup Green cardamom 20-25 Water ½ Cup Black peppercorns 8-10 Water 2 & ½ Cups or as required Water 2 Cups or as required Sugar 550 gms Lemon juice 1 teaspoon Prepared sharbat 2 tablespoon or to taste Water chilled Ice

Fruit Salad

Enjoy healthy life with these salads Tropical Salad Ingredients:  2 oranges, peeled and halved 12 ounces strawberries, quartered 2 mangoes, chopped 4 kiwis, peeled and chopped or sliced Dressing: 3 tablespoons lime juice 1 tablespoon maple syrup Preparation:  Combine all the ingredients above in a large bowl. Mix the dressing ingredients together and spread over fruit, mix well. Banana Berry Ingredients: 3 bananas, sliced 12 ounces strawberries, quartered 12 ounces

Healthy Juices

Cold Press Juicer Cold-pressed juice refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger. Without pasteurization or high-pressure processing (HPP), cold-pressed juices can be stored in a refrigerator for up to five days, depending on the acidity of the juice and other factors. This type of juice has been commercially produced for decades,